Wishing You a Very Merry (Imperfect) Christmas

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If you celebrate Christmas, you're likely already in full swing, putting in the blood, sweat, and tears (sometimes all three at once) to make your family's holiday perfect. It's all a part of the "magic" of the season, right? Who cares if 60% of your family is now arguing because of the series of meltdowns that have occurred during the preparation? The table and the presents are going to look perfect if it kills us all.

But I have a holiday theory. The imperfections are always the best part. Whether someone trips over a step and falls face first into all of the presents (this has happened to us), or someone gets a gift that's hilariously large for them (this has also happened to us), or that faulty fold-out chair has sent yet another relative flying backwards (you know by now this, too, happens to us). Those are my favorite memories because they are hilarious and awesome, just like my family.

So keep this in mind today and tomorrow. I know it's hard work to make everything so nice but try and cut yourself some slack. It's okay to be stressed. It's okay if you spilled red wine on your new white sweater right before family pictures. It's even okay if you dumped an entire casserole onto the floor. Just breathe. And take pleasure in the fact that it's probably making at least a few of your relatives cry with laughter. Because that, my friends, is the best gift of all. :)


Happy Holidays! I am so thankful to each and every person that visits here day after day. You are my Christmas gift.

Lots of love,