Working Girl Wednesday: Alexa's Picture Perfect Wardrobe

It's that time of the week again! Another working girl, another set of looks from the Style Stage at The Limited! Let's meet this week's lovely lady!...  

Today's Model: Alexa, 24

Job Title: Freelance Photographer

Dress Code: Creative Professional

What She Needs: Comfortable looks with maneuverability that are dressy enough to blend in with guests at a wedding.

What we came up with...

A dress with a full skirt is both comfortable enough to work in and fits right in with wedding guests. The graphic tweed pattern and brightly colored accessories show off her creative side while still maintaining a polished look. And even in bright yellow, when it comes to looking professional, a blazer is always a smart move!


I LOVE this look! The graphic pencil skirt looks sharp, but has enough stretch to allow for the amount of movement a photographer needs. The chambray top is soft and comfortable to work in, plus it provides the perfect backdrop for some more bright accessories! An ornate necklace and fun clutch help this work ensemble look party ready!


And every girl needs a good pair of pants for her work wardrobe. Skinny crops with stretch and a relaxed blouse allow for maximum comfortability, while the bright color and mixed prints (stripes and leopard) make for a creative and chic look. Accessories like a gold clutch and tortoise link jewelry keep this outfit looking dressy and fun!


And, seriously, isn't Alexa adorable in all of these looks? But she's not just another pretty face! :) Check out her amazing photography work, here and here. She was also my photographer for the Clinique Black Honey post and our Fashion and Friendship Day (which seems like it was 10 years ago)! Thanks, Alexa- you really do a lot for me and my blog!

And if you want to get an update on your working wardrobe, let it be known! I'm now taking volunteers for next week in the comments section!