Working Girl Wednesday: Heather's Graphic Work Wardrobe

Blog inspiration can come so unexpectedly. I had talked with the the people from Stylinity, the brand behind the new Style Stage in The Limited, about a month back about featuring outfit posts on the blog, like you may have seen on some other local blogs. I loved the idea and the Style Stage concept, but I'm definitely more of a fashion writer/stylist/ethusiast than I have ever been a model. As much as I like fashion blogs that do this, I'll never be an OOTD kind of girl. Honestly, I don't even like taking pictures. The little snippets you get with a DIY project are about as far as I go with that. So I was trying to figure out how to make this work for me and my own version of fashion blogging, when I got two messages in the same week asking for help picking out and styling outfits, one for a job interview and one for a trip. And that's how Working Girl Wednesday was born! I realized if there are people out there genuinely wanting outfit ideas, why not show them on real girls with a whole range of real world issues. So these posts will be a regular Wednesday thang now where I'm going to showcase a different girl each week and show a few outfit ideas for their work wardrobes. We'll deal with things like comfortability, dress code, transitioning into multiple roles, etc., and hopefully give you some ideas for your own work attire on the way!

But before I get into this week's feature, let's talk a little about Stylinity! If you love Stacy London as much as I do (how could you not?), this article is a really good overview of the company. But in general, Stylinity and their Style Stage fuses fashion and social media by providing the ultimate selfie photo studio inside of retail stores. The first Style Stage debuted inside The Limited at Easton (go Columbus!), but will be available in more retailers soon.

Basically, you try on your look, scan the bar codes on what you're wearing, and then the photo studio takes 4 high-quality photos of you modeling said look. Next you get to pick the photos you like and then choose if you would like to share your look across your social media feeds and on The cool part now is that not only can you get instant feedback from you friends/followers but you can actually help strangers in this process, too. If you choose to share your look on Stylinity's website, people shopping online, say someone looking at a dress at The Limited, can then see that same dress modeled by someone who is their own height/size. So no more guessing what the model's dress will look like on your 5'2" frame- you can just see it on an actual 5'2" frame!

So now that you're up to speed, let's get to today's post!

Today's model: Heather, 27

Job: Counter Manager at Clinique

Dress Code: Black, black, and more black

What she needs: a conservative and polished (yet still fashionable) look that is comfortable enough to be on her feet all day

Our solutions:

Because she can literally only wear black, dresses, like this shift, provide the perfect stylish solution. Fun accessories, like a leopard belt, a statement necklace, and a graphic bag, help the all-black ensemble from looking drab.

And as the counter manager, Heather also has outside meetings often, which gives her a chance to mix in graphic prints, like this houndstooth blouse...

...or this windowpane pencil skirt that she can add in with her black work staples. Seriously, how cute is this on her? I love the skirt with the black and white belt!


So now it's time to hear from you! What do you guys think of this new post? Do you have any specific concerns with your work wardrobe you would like to see addressed here? Or you maybe you want to fulfill your modeling dreams and be one of my featured "working girls"? I'm looking for all ages, sizes, and career levels and I'd love to hear from you! Let's dish about it in the comments sections!

(And thanks, Heather, for being as fun and adorable as always :) )