Working Girl Wednesday: Kelly's Comfy and Chic Wardrobe

Today's Working Girl Wednesday is taking a bit of different approach, but one that I think a lot of people can relate to: getting out of your work uniform rut. So far with WGW, we've talked about retail, office, and freelance art careers, all of which have a certain level of creative freedom when choosing a work wardrobe. But what about if you are required to wear more of a uniform? Or a dress code you really can't apply to other areas of your life? How do you prevent falling into a rut with your "real life" wardrobe? Well, that's what we're focusing on today, so read on for the comfortable off-the-clock wardrobe solutions we found using Stylinity's Style Stage inside The Limited...

Today's Model: Kelly, 25

Job Title: Athletic Wear Sales Rep and Certified Health Coach

Dress Code: Casual Athletic

What She Needs: Off-duty looks that are as comfortable as her fitness clothes but have more personality and polish

What we came up with...

When you're used to wearing running clothes for most of the day, the thought of a dress and a jacket could seem restrictive, uncomfortable, and intimidating. Opting for stretch, like this dress that has 2% spandex and this Ponte knit jacket, allows for the same comfort level as fitness clothing but has the put-together feel of a tailored shift and blazer.

For casual days off, it can be tempting to grab a t-shirt and leggings, but pieces like this 100% cotton sweater and stretch twill ankle pants are a sophisticated solution without losing the comfort factor. Embellishments like a faux-gem neckline and acrylic bangles add a bit of glam without feeling too fussy.

And I love this rich blend of beige, cream, and white! Again, we're opting for spandex with super stretch skinny jeans, but the addition of a flowy blouse and a faux leather jacket with stretch knit side panels allows for maximum movement and comfort while still looking chic. A large bag with three compartments comes in handy for toting a change of running clothes, as well.

Thank you, Kelly, for letting me dress you and for being a beautiful WGW model! And if you have any wardrobe-related issues or would like to be one of my working girls in future weeks, send me a shout in the comments section!