Working Girl Wednesday: Mixing Prints with Miche from Buttons & Birdcages

One of my favorite things about blogging is getting to meet new people. Especially when they're as creative and interesting as Miche from Buttons & Birdcages. Miche works as a counselor by day and a blogger by night. If you haven't read Buttons & Birdcages yet, it's a Columbus-based fashion blog that focuses a lot on refashioning thrift store items and has really beautiful photography- it's quickly become one of my favorite regular reads! Miche has a really great sense of style, mixing vintage with current trends and using unexpected color and print combinations. I was so happy when she asked about the Stylinity Style Stage and offered to be featured as one of my "working girls!" The opportunity to style a fashion blogger is just too good to pass up! Because Miche is already so versed in mixing prints, I wanted to focus on that (counting her leopard flats, each look is using at least 3 prints!). Mixing prints can earn you major style points, but I know it's something a lot of people feel nervous about, so hopefully these looks give you some ideas for pulling it off yourself!

Today's Model: Miche, 26

Job Title: Counselor and Fashion Blogger

Dress Code: Liberal Creative

What She Needs: Bold pieces that show her personal style and are interesting enough to photograph

What we came up with...

When it comes to mixing prints, leopard prints and graphic prints pretty much go with everything. And they especially look great together, as seen here with the black and white heart print blouse and leopard scarf. Bold red pants add even more personality while the neutral bag keeps the look from being overwhelming.

Here is another instance of the no-fail combo with a graphic striped dress and leopard accents. The bright yellow clutch helps tie in the fourth print in the scarf! There are two reason so many prints work well together in this look: 1. the foundation (the dress) is simple in both pattern and color (the same would go for a polka-dot or leopard-print base), and 2. the accessories are generally neutral and are within the same color palette.

If we get really nitpicky here, this look has a grand total of six(!) prints, and I bet you only noticed two or three. Here's why it works: the floral scarf, polka-dot shorts, and color blocked clutch are all in pretty much the exact same color family, so while the prints are very different, the color combination is cohesive. Also, the glasses, bracelet, and shoes are all leopard print, which acts as a neutral (are you catching on to theme here- leopard works with everything!). And the one piece that is without a print, the top, is a simple as it gets, making the outfit a little more grounded.

So what can you take away from this print-mixing adventure? Here are a few beginner's tips...
1. Staying within the same color family keeps it simple.
2. Graphic prints work well together and with others.
3. When in doubt, leopard goes with literally everything!
The tips will help, but I also am a general nonbeliever of rules. When it comes to fashion, in the words of Harper's Bazaar's Laura Brown, "underthink it." If you like the way it looks- wear it!


I want to say a huge thank you to Miche, for letting me style her this week! Make sure to check out her blog, Buttons & Birdcages! Yesterday marked her 1-year Blogiversary and to celebrate she's giving away a $25 Target gift card!


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